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There are so many people who want to use the benefits of a sauna but are stopped because of the extensive heat. The sauna infrarouge is the best solution for all such people. It is the latest revolution and the reason is that it uses infra red rays for the heating process. The sauna infrarouge has so many different advantages that it one cannot let it go. This technology was first developed by the Japanese but as the usage of infrared was restricted to physicians only, it got diversified. Later on NASA along with the society of massage therapists developed it further more and made it available for everyone.
A person can lose about 300 to 900 calories if exposed to a thirty minute session of sauna infrarouge, which happens to be same as thirty minutes of cycling. There are no negative impacts of this therapy and any one can use up the benefits provided by the therapy. One can get rid of cellulite, get the tissues repaired, strengthen the immune system, increase the blood circulation and remove the chemical pollutants from the system of body. Thus sauna infrarouge provides respite from stress, arthritis, muscle spasms, fatigue, fibromyalgia and chronic pain.

Sauna infrarouge is better than sauna vapeur because the earlier penetrates into the skin. Sauna infrarouge emits infrared rays that heat the body without increasing the temperature of the ambience. It is capable of getting in up to 4 centimeters and thus deep cleanses the skin and is more effective. Thus by directly making contact with the organs and muscles it produces more sweat than its traditional counterpart. When the body temperature increases, the irrigation of the muscles by the blood along with the blood circulation also increases. Thus Sauna infrarouge is preferred over the sauna vapeur because of the merits.